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We are a group of koi and goldfish enthusiasts. 

Our club is a place to share common interests related to the hobby of pond keeping. Our purpose is to provide educational programs regarding pond keeping, to promote water gardening as a leisure activity, and to promote the appreciation of koi and goldfish in outdoor pond settings.



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8 thoughts on “Home/About Us

  1. We are trying to find someone who has a large water garden, deep enough for our three Koi. They are 22 years of age. They are and have been in a large pond all these years.
    Over the years the pond has filled with mud, what was once 4 feet is now 2 feet. With the hot summer approaching we are fearful it will kill them with the heat of this summer. The pond only gets clear in cold winter months, the rest of the year it’s cloudy looking water.
    We are not asking for any money. We know the size of our fish would bring a good price, all three are over 2 feet in length. One red one with black spots, two with all white bodies and black spots.

    My cell number is: 907-982-1718. We live in the outskirts of San Antonio.

    Dennis Blocker

    Thank you!

  2. Hi there… I am building a new pond and I bought a 20×50 firestone liner for @ $800… I’ve decided to go bigger and want to sell this liner for $400.. I’m in Kyle TX. Please pass this info along to anyone that may be in need of a liner for 1/2 price. It’s still packaged the way it arrived and is in a garage.
    Thank you,
    Joseph Barr
    (512) 659-6923

  3. Hello! I am a newbie when it comes to koi fish. I do not have any at the moment, but I may possibly get into it in the future! I was wondering when the next show is so I can attend one this year ( in 2017 )

    Thank You!

    • Hi!
      There will be a koi and fancy goldfish sale coordinated by the TKFGS and held on the grounds of Water Garden Gems (Marion, TX) this coming Friday through Sunday. While it isn’t a show, there will be much to see on a wide variety of fish. Andrews Koi International (fine Japanese koi) and Tank Hollow Fisheries (beautiful longfin koi) will be attending. There are also a variety of educational seminars slated for Saturday.

      The next show organized by the TKFGS will be held October 28th & 29th.

      Hope to see you out there some time!



  4. I attended the fall 2016 show in San Antonio area. I like what I saw and was looking for information on the show next weekend but the website never seems to be kept up with and information is old. I have not officially joined based on the fact that nothing seems to be clear and up to date with the club. If I wanted to show a fish, what would I need to do? From what I saw in the 2016 registration I would have to pay for a tub to keep the fish in? So I would pay $75 to $100 to have the fish there? Are there prizes other than a ribbon for placement?

    • Michael,
      We are working on getting other members to help out with various ‘day to day’ working of the club. For now, I’ve been updating the events page and a page with articles of interest and relevant for the ‘current’ season. It is and has been current (since February) on board members with our contact information, so we are making progress. To answer your question about showing fish… yes, you would need to pay for a tank. You can have as many koi in that tank as the size of the koi will allow. Generally not more than 6 24-28″ koi. As hosts, we work to make sure the water quality stays good and safe for the fish. Our flow-through system means that there is a constant low-flow of fresh water through all of the tanks. There are definitely prizes. Last year there was an assortment of vases, platters, and bowls. I’ll try to get photos posted from the awards ceremony. Apologies… but I spent most of my time keeping things rolling and didn’t get as many photos as I should have. In addition to the prizes, this year we will also be submitting photos of the winners to Koi USA for publication. Feel free to reach out to me at joann_tkfgs@att.net with any questions.

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