Annual Fall Show

Texas Koi & Fancy Goldfish Society 25th Annual Show

Date: October 27-29, 2017

Location: Water Garden Gems, 3136 Bolton Rd., Marion, Texas. Water Garden Gems is a large Koi, Goldfish, Water Garden, and Pond speciality store with dozens of display ponds and located on a large five acre lot just a few miles east of San Antonio outside Loop 1604 on Interstate 10 East (between exits 593 & 595 on the north frontage road) Water Garden Gems phone number is (210) 659-5841.

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General Information: The Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society  is  dedicated to keeping our show one of the premier gatherings of koi, goldfish, hobbyists, lecturers, and vendors from across the country. We enjoy sharing our beautiful aquatic pets with fellow Koi and Goldfish lovers. Our show is a hobbyists show with all fish entered being owned by hobbyists. Koi and long finned koi are judged separately and are displayed in six or eight foot tanks while goldfish are shown in twenty gallon aquariums. We normally have 30 koi tanks set up with about 10,000 gallons of water and ~ 150 koi/long finned koi ranging in size from the smallest that are about 6 inches to the largest which are over 30 inches in length. We average about 40-50 goldfish shown in 20-25 aquariums. So we usually have ~ 200 fish competing in our show. See the fish entrant section to learn more about how to reserve tanks and transport your fish to our event.

Our primary show objectives are to be a valuable educational and enjoyable social experience. Our show vendors, koi and goldfish show areas sheltered under a huge tent. The vendor area is only a few feet away from where the koi show tanks will be located on the beautiful grounds of Water Garden Gems.


For more information about the event location contact Water Garden Gems at 210-659-5841.

For more information about Texas Koi & Fancy Goldfish Society or for show vendor information contact Joann by email, or call 210-545-4076 .

For the very latest in show information check back with this website, often. For specific questions not found on the website email Joann at


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