SEO Houston Company Agency Reveals Gray Hat Techniques

Here Is What You Want To Know About Gray Hat SEO Techniques

If you have even the slightest idea about the way search engine optimization industry works, you must be aware of the terms white hat SEO and black hat SEO among others. There is another term that is thrown around by SEO Gurus which is called Gray hat SEO. There is a misconception that it lies somewhere between white hat and black hat SEO but that is not the case.

In simple terms, Gray hat SEO may be defined as using SEO techniques that are not expressly prohibited in the Webmasters guidelines but these techniques are not exactly liked by search engines. In other words, it’s a Gray area and some people choose to think that it’s safe to use Gray Hat SEO techniques in order to gain rankings. However, it is important for you to understand that while Gray hat SEO works for some websites, there is risk involved in using such techniques.

Here is a list of some of the common Gray Hat SEO techniques used by SEO consultants.

Useless Long form Content

Content length is a hot topic in the search engine optimization industry. Many SEO consultants  are of the opinion that longer content ranks better and this is the reason, website owners are usually advised to post longer articles (more than a thousand words) on their websites. However, most SEO consultants do not emphasize enough about the quality of content Company Like Prime Houston SEO Expert  are crushes this.

It’s true that long form content can attract a lot more traffic due to presence of several long tail keywords in the content but if the content is useless or is merely created in order to gain search engine rankings, it is not likely to be successful. In fact, it may do more harm than good as it is likely to increase the bounce rate which is not good for SEO.

Using Old Domains

Many SEO consultants advocate using expired domains by restoring the old content and using these resurrected websites for the purposes of back links. It is a well-known fact that authority backlinks matter a lot when it comes to search engine optimization.

However, it’s a risky technique as Google specifically prohibits creating websites only for the purposes of getting back links. One of the common excuses given by SEO consultants who use such techniques is that an old resurrected website is just like any other website but it’s a Gray area.

Dangers of Gray Hat SEO

While some Gray hat techniques continue to work, these techniques are dangerous and can result in penalties. It’s tempting to use techniques that are not expressly prohibited in the Webmaster guidelines but you need to realize that Google has changed the rules of the game several times in the past few years and things that used to be okay were expressly prohibited in the next update.

For instance, exact match domains were a rage for several years and many companies invested a lot of money on creating several exact match micro-sites but the next Google update wiped out all such micro-sites and all their SEO efforts went down the drain.

Overall, it is recommended to use only white hat SEO techniques that are in line with the Webmasters guidelines published by Google to ensure high rankings in the search engine result pages over the long run.